Return to Crete

This is a true story of two travellers who went on holiday to Crete and unearthed a human drama. They visited Chania the second city and by chance stumbled upon a derelict Synagogue. They were intrigued and wanted to know more. They met up with a man with a vision. He described the tragic drowning of the small Jewish Community at the hands of the Germans who occupied Crete during the Second World War. As a result of his dream he enlisted the Help of the World Monuments Fund and with the aid of generous donors set about rebuilding the Synagogue. He describes life during the occupation and the bravery of the people in the face of insuperable odds. One British Soldier stands out amongst the thousands of British, New Zealand and other nationalities who gave their lives and are buried in the British and Commonwealth War Cemetery. The travellers return five years later and attend the inaugural service at the restored synagogue.

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